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At FLC, we are actively taking steps to provide services as safely as possible. 

Safety Measures

  • What Staff Are Doing:
    • We are continuing to offer telehealth (not all insurance plans cover telehealth). 
    • We will wear face masks or face shields in the office.
    • We take our temperatures daily and monitor for symptoms. 
    • If we are sick, or have been exposed to someone who is sick, we stay home and will contact clients with scheduled appointments to offer telehealth or to reschedule. 
    • We wash our hands frequently and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 
    • We clean and disinfect between sessions and as needed. 
    • If a clipboard, pen, or other item is required during session, we take it out of rotation, sanitize it, and allow it to dry before putting it back into circulation.
    • We have installed sneeze guards at our front desk.
    • We limit our exposure to COVID-19.
    • If we, or a resident in our home tests positive for COVID-19, we will alert you immediately. 
  • What We Ask You to Do:
    • Regardless of vaccination status, we require that everyone wear a mask or a face shield to prevent the spread of germs and limit exposure.
    • Take your temperature at home before coming into the office.
    • Wash your hands and/or use alcohol-based sanitizer when you enter the office (we have two sanitizer stations accessible to clients (lobby and outside bathroom).
    • Stay in your car or wait outside until it is time for your appointment, or until the time that you have been asked to come in (if you are asked to come in early to complete paperwork).
    • If you are sick or may have been exposed to someone who is, please tell us and we can complete your scheduled session via telehealth rather than in-person. 
    • Adhere to safe physical distancing whenever possible.
    • Take steps between appointments to minimize your exposure. 
    • If you or a resident in your home tests positive for COVID-19, inform us immediately. 

Remember that we are in this together and we have a responsibility to care for our fellow humans. 

My mask keeps you safe, your mask keeps me safe. 


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