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Please note that it is our policy that Clinicians, Interns, or other staff members do not add or accept requests to connect with clients from our personal social media accounts. 

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  • Skill Packs: a specially curated "go pack" of DBT, CBT, Mindfulness, FLC originals, and other skills to help you get through life.
  • Thera-Dice: these sets are primarily to be used as a group facilitator's tool but can be used in other ways. Each set comes in its own hard container holding 9 wooden dice and an instructional booklet. The client (or therapist) chooses one (or more) dice, rolls, and will practice the skill associated with the letter facing up when the dice lands. 
  • Fur Baby Fashions: Jack's line of upcycled ties and accessories for the doggo (or kitty) with distinguished taste.
  • Handmade bracelets: therapists have hobbies too! 
  • ...and more coming soon!

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    • Therapy still has a stigma. Shocking, right? Therapy isn't for "broken", "damaged", or "defective" people. Therapy is for humans who have human struggles. We want the skills we teach our clients to be accessible to everyone. While we can't tailor each skill to every individual out there in the inter-webs, we can offer short videos covering DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), breathing exercises, as well as other information related to mental health & wellness here. 

Your Full Life Podcast covers general mental health & wellness topics, therapeutic interventions (what are they and how do they work), attachment & relationship issues, social justice (ex. "what the crap is happening in our world and how do I deal  with it?"), trauma (Dana's favorite topic), and similar topics as our YouTube channel. 

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